Cultures are what makes us rich, undiluted peoples.
And when we mix them, it can be alright,
and we can take as we give
But when you take and you take
And you muddy the feathers of the indigenous people
And your South Asian bindi falls to the floor
when you’re not looking
And you take and you take
You grasp culture by its neck and you disregard what it is
How it feels
What it means
Visual beauty is something
And beauty thick with history and feeling is more
Stop diluted cultures that are not your own because you like the look
The look will never make you feel what you need to feel

dracula glasses + rika


Ellis sitting with his miniature portrait. He always has an #appleface #illustration #ellisthecanary

i could be anime or comic people for comicon
or i could be several characters depicted by bill murray


06/03/14 - Day 132: Spikey

cacti leaves

I bought some cassettes today because I’m slowly but steadily becoming Jamie.