Frida winking, 1933
Lucienne Bloch

I’m pretty sure the girl used chicken broth in my pho and I’m very upset but also very far from the pho place and very hungry and very not into wasting food. 

Today has been so lame :-/

"is this a scarf? can I put this on?" - boy
"I mean, yes, it is a scarf" - me
*boy already has scarf in hands and scarf progresses toward neck*
"and… I guess… you can try it on" - me
"man, this smells good, did you have a date last night or something?" - boy
"uh… no. I just like smelling nice" - me

*tries to continue to eat pho in peace in library*
*is obviously sick*
*is obviously working on things*


by April-lea Hutchinson

bilinda butcher of my bloody valentine in philadelphia, 2013.  photo by bp fallon

pretty sure I’ve reblogged this before but w/e

My old roommate’s boyfriend
(the one who called me a bitch)
(the one who asked aloud if “all black people were n*****s”)
(the one who is 23 and should have already graduated) 
is in my ochem lab and it makes me very uncomfy

Une Femme est Une Femme by Jean-Luc Godard, 1961